How to help

Everybody can help.

One way to contribute to our foundation would be to pay a certain amount of money into the account of our foundation with the following bank details: 234 448 094/0300 - IBAN: CZ 66 0300 0000000234448094 - BIC: CEKOCZPP
The money is dedicated to autistic and mentally retarded children in Latin America.
Another way to support the foundation's work is to subscribe to one of the following two programmes:
In the first programme the foundation covers among others the travel expenses for the "Doctor on the Way". Once a year our doctors travel to Latin America, where they give free treatment to autistic and mentally retarded children.
The therapy "I hear, speak and understand" is applied by Dr. Karolína Hoňková-Radilová directly at the families' home. This way, the treatment becomes very comfortable for the children and they are not exposed to unnecessary stress.
The therapy "Healthy Teeth" is exercised. He cooperates directly with local dentists.
In the second program "I care about you" you can support a specific child for one year with a donation of 2.000 EUR.
This sum covers the costs for a personal assistant with special pedagogical education for an entire school year.
His function in school is to educate the children, to accompany and care for him as well as helping in his daily routine like for example personal hygiene, meals and dressing.
Every donor will receive a certificate for his donation and, on request, it is also possible to publish his name on our foundation's website.

It is good to know, we do not live alone on this big planet.
We can count ourselves lucky, to be born healthy and in a wealthy part of the world, which allows us to support people living under much worse conditions.

Those, who did not have this kind of luck, need us and we can help them.

Do you want to participate?

Help us, to reduce the bad living conditions of these people and help them to lead a normal life, which otherwise would continue to be nothing more than an unreachable dream.
Let us help them together, so their dream becomes true.

We thank you for your donation.

                                 On behalf of the foundation Mi Mundo Perchta Kazi Pátá




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