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My son has autism.


The book aims to promote a better understanding of autistic children and suggest a best-practice approach to children with autism. It offers practical tips for the elimination of undesirable behaviour disorders, the enhancement of communication and how to promote the independence of autistic children. The book is dedicated to all parents wishing to offer their autistic children the best possible education. The author, herself mother of an autistic son, provides an insight into the enjoyable and the most challenging aspects in their everyday lives, drawn from her own experience in caring for her son. She emphasizes the importance of the family and addresses the problems parents must be aware of in their efforts to integrate their children into society and prepare them for an independent life.


My child has autism - The story continues.


This publication can be read independently from the first book "My child has autism". The book relates further episodes from the everyday life of the autistic boy Matyáš and his mother, and situations they have to cope with together. We gain further insights into the development and progress of an autistic boy, and examine in detail the position and attitude of family members, as well as the mother's new partner. Like the first book, the second volume offers anecdotes and stories illustrating the everyday life of an autistic child in an absorbing manner. The book is completed by questions and statements from other parents of autistic children.
Both books are highly recommended for parents with autistic children, as well as for general readers interested in the subject.

They both include commentaries by renowned psychiatric specialist Dr. Petr Krekule.