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I would like to share with you a very sad history - Mrs. Marcela Rebernaková and her son Erik..

 With an unfortunate turn of events in life Marcela would learn that her only child is autistic. By another tragic sad chance in life she learnt that she has an untreatable disease. Marcela met both of these misfortunes and her story captured the TV news, in a nutshell TV Barrandov. Currently Marcela's condition is serious, and so we try to spread the story further. Anyone who would be willing to provide financial assistance to the family will of course be welcome. While money cannot buy health and happiness, it can at least bring relief and help with the strain of coping.

The life story of Mrs. Marcela Rebernakova, a talented, successful and optimistic woman whom found love in life but struggled to become pregnant - more than ten years ago. Her efforts were finally crowned with success, and it seemed that for the young family, nothing would stand in their path of luck. Unfortunately after a complicated pregnancy Marcela gave birth to a baby boy who suffers from a severe form of autism.

Marcela gave up work and career and devoted her entire life caring for her son Erik. She learned very quickly the joys and sorrows of life with a disabled child. While stumbling on obstacles and inequities in the way of talking to parents who choose to take the responsibility for the fate of their disabled child on their own shoulders. By day, Marcela took care of Erik, during the nights she studied Czech laws and regulations, scheduled to requests and appeals. Venturing into a fight with the state authorities where she felt an injustice was occurring. She did not do this for herself but so she could also help others. Always generous to help other parents who draw on their experience and advice. She was involved in several civic associations, one of which finally established itself. On behalf of parents of children with autism they met with representatives of state bodies and institutions. It showed other parents a genuine example with a similar fate of journey and courage.

She did not know that her feverish work stress would eventually have an impact on her health. One of her final exams at one of the many courses oriented to help people with impaired survival, finished for her in a very severe pain. For Marcela her health problem wasn't just related to a dietary mistake, as she had hoped. She was as she found out very ill and was diagnosed with a serious cancer of the digestive tract.

Marcela was a fighter. She underwent intensive surgery followed by chemotherapy. Not losing at any time her optimism and enthusiasm. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction. Marcela was slowly returning to other activities, enjoying a life devoted to Erik, aware of the rarity of each moment. This period of relative peace, however, was shattered again suddenly. She discovered the disease had returned. Marcela underwent further surgery with chemotherapy, but it was clear that the disease would win. Her doctor could only offer pain relief, whilst she would bravely fight on.

It'shard to imagine how she must feel as a woman who is forced to fight on her own during her life and all those extra questions concerning the future of a severely disabled son. After the treatment period there is a time when Marcela is not able to take care of Erik. Erik´s father cannot afford to leave his job to look after his son as the family struggles to live just with his little monthly income

For Marcela it is psychologically very important for the future of her son in this difficult situation not to leave him without help. To secure for him as long as is possible, in a safe environment in which Erík intimately knows and can feel comfortable. It would give him as long as possible the home security and the memory of her maternal love. Therefore, Marcela preferred to have him placed with an assistant service, which would take at least part of Erik's care in his home.Unfortunately, the care allowance, which Erik is receiving, is not able to cover the costs of this service. As such there is the service of a respite stay operated by APLA which is another option for Erik

Marcela´s circle of friends coming from parents of autistic children have spontaneously started a wave of solidarity.

Organization APLA provided for this purpose a bank account: 5111440802/4000. If you want to contribute specifically to Marcela and Erik, please use the variable symbol 777 for payments and the password for the recipient "Erik". The account is maintained at LBBW Bank CZ, Inc. based Vítězná 1, Prague 5, 150 00

Thank you.

For more information how to help Mrs Marcela, please contact our Foundation Mi Mundo